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It doesn’t’ matter what you’re writing--a book or a blog post, an academic paper or a magazine article.  It’s all words.   

Well used, they’re powerful.  They can spark ideas, they can move people to action, they can change things. They can change you.   

If you’re putting something into words—whether you're banging out your book manuscript or thumbing out a 140-character tweet—it’s important to do it well.  They should communicate precisely what you want said. Otherwise, what’s the point?   

As a writer, I use words to explain, to inform, to educate, to influence and to entertain. As an editor, I work to shape other people’s words with the same precision. And as a teacher and coach, I help you do it for yourself.   

You want to turn your blog into an online magazine? Turn your expertise into a book? Translate your ideas into a form that reaches the people who need to hear them? Or maybe you just want to get better at making your words work for you. Putting it into words? That’s what I’m here for. 

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