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"Sisters Strong" interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and her siblings.
Tune in to Good Morning America on any given weekday, and there’s Robin Roberts—sleek and stylish, with that rich voice and open smile. By appearances alone, you’d never know that just months ago she was battling for her life....more

Heart & Soul
"Should Your Doctor Look Like You?" (part of a 5-article series on mental health)
Nina Wayman, a North Carolina public relations pro, is always the picture of poise. But when she recalls one awful night in 2006, her words are raw: “My sister and I agreed that if we ever saw that woman again, we’d kick her ass.” 
  "That woman” is the doctor who tried to have Wayman involuntarily committed to a mental institution….(more)
(book manuscript)
The African-American Guide to Living Well with Diabetes
with Constance Brown Riggs
….Ultimately, you will find your rock within you.  It may be your faith. It may be your sense of determination—that no matter what happens, you are committed to doing the thing you say you are going to do. Ironically, your rock may be your flexibility—your ability to flow with whatever life presents you and make the best of it.  But know that you have a God-given something within you that will sustain you when no one else can. It is this rock (and your faith in it) that will carry you through this health journey—and the long journey that is your life.  (more)

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